Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my footprint so high? I think I'm doing all I can but I can't get to a One Planet level.

Unfortunately, it is very difficult to reduce your impact to a One Planet level on your own. This is because around a third of your impact is tied up in the way that the UK's government and businesses are run - our shared services and infrastructure. Don't let that dishearten you. Individuals can do a lot to reduce their impact through things such as insulating homes, eating a local seasonal low-meat diet and reducing waste etc.

To tackle the impact from government and business we need universal change across society. This means that the government needs to change legislation and policy to support sustainable communities and renewable energy while business needs to work towards more sustainable operations.

We all need to work together in order to achieve One Planet Living for everyone.

Why doesn't the calculator take into account the fact that I have no say over some issues? for instance, insulating my rented accommodation.

This calculator is an assessment of your impact on the environment. Although it may be true that you can't reduce your impact in a particular area for a very good reason, this does not affect what your impact actually is.

Aiming for One Planet Living does not necessarily mean that every single person in the UK will have the same footprint. Rather, the aim is that society as a whole will be living within the means of our one planet.

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