One Planet Living Action Plan

If everyone in the world lived like you we would need 1.5 planets to support us. You are below the UK average of 3 planets.

Your Carbon Emissions:



UK Average: 11.9




UK Average: 5.4

Here is how your Ecological Footprint breaks down:
  • 14% Home & Energy
    Home & Energy
  • 6% Transport
  • 21% Food
  • 9% Goods
  • 23% Government
  • 9% Capital Assets
    Capital Assets
  • 19% Services

Your Action Points

What to do now?

Changing habits

Our reminder list is here to help you remember those little niggly tasks, you know, those things that you always mean to do... but they sometimes slip your mind when you're busy! If you choose to download and print your Action Plan you'll get a tally sheet so you can tick off how many times you remember these actions. Tick off the actions online when you think you've formed this habit and see what other ideas there are.


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Get going on a One Planet Living project

These actions are about doing something active that will help reduce your Footprint. Some of these are fairly easy actions that will only take an hour or so and not cost much. There are also some bigger projects that may take a bit of time and money, but will be worth it in the end as they shrink your Footprint.


Want more actions? Check out your full personalised action plan.

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